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1. Paracel Islands (Geographic Feature Names, 2003)

Point Massachusetts Institute of Technology Public content
National Imagery and Mapping Agency. Geographic feature names for Paracel Islands. U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA).

2. Qui Nhon, Asia, 1:1000000

Raster The University of Texas at Austin Public content
Scale: 1:1000000; Map Type: Topographic maps; Other Descriptive Notes about Map Series: Set includes various issues of some sheets, some reissued...

3. South China Sea islands

Image Princeton University Public content
1988. United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Depths is shown at 200-meter depth. Shipping list no.: 89-209-P. "800921 (A06012) 9-88." Map shows territorial claim lines to the Paracel and Sprat... [Washington, D.C.] : [Central Intelligence Agency], 1988.

4. South China Seas Islands. (1988).

Image Princeton University Public content
1988. Central Intelligence Agency. This is a map of the South China Sea Islands, shown at a 1:2,800,000 scale. The map was created by the Central Intelligence Agency. Central Intelligence Agency.